Review of The Birthday Challenge Spinner Game


It was my birthday recently, and one of the items I got to help me celebrate was The Birthday Challenge Spinner.  This is a drinking game with different dares.  Friends of the Guest of honor spin the spinner whenever they want the birthday boy or girl to carry out an … Continue reading

Sexy Little Birthday


      It was recently my birthday, and for me I love a reason to celebrate.  Birthdays are an important event in our family and I do my best to try and make each family members’ birthday special.  Birthdays should be a momentous occasion.  I wasn’t going to have a big … Continue reading

Just One Sexy Little Thing


There is nothing better to me than having a new manicure.  It is just one little thing, but if I am down, depressed, or just not feeling right, getting a manicure and pedicure can turn my day right around.  I believe that having my nails done is the easiest way … Continue reading

Welcome to My Sexy Little Life


        Hi, let me introduce myself.  My name is Amy and I’m just an ordinary housewife and mother trying to figure out how to live my best sexy little life. Me and my husband run a an on-line store called  We sell adult sex toys, or as we … Continue reading